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Commercial Shared Kitchen

for the Serious Culinary Entrepreneur

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J's Kitchen Culinary Incubator is the perfect fit for the culinary artisan with a big appetite for success! It is an evolving concept designed to provide comprehensive business solutions for the serious culinary entrepreneur. J's Kitchen offers state-of-the-art commercial kitchen equipment, business amenities and an onsite food/supply procurement operation all within one productive environment, accompanied with a side of business development and wrapped in the entrepreneurial spirit. Our facility is currently under construction, but click here to see the official facility blueprint.


J's Kitchen is the home of several culinary workstations filled with carefully curated, state-of-the-art commercial equipment. The facility is certified by the USDA, Georgia Department of Agriculture, State Health Department and Dekalb County Health Department. The facility includes:

• 4 shared kitchens
• Private kitchen (studio)
• Baker's kitchen
• Tasting room
• Dry storage
• Cooler/freezer storage


We have strategically developed our space with business productivity in mind as well. The facility includes:

• Conference rooms
• Workshop classrooms
• Computers and printing stations
• Access to a network of proven business support professionals
• A comprehensive business development program


J's Kitchen offers Mobile Food Service Operations for food trucks, food trailers and/or food carts. This part of our facility is dedicated to our mobile food service entrepreneurs and serves as a "home" for business operations. We offer two different sized Mobile Food Service Operations membership levels (medium and large) to accommodate day-to-day operational needs.

Added benefits include loading dock access, parking, business amenities, business development, food/supply procurement and agent booking services.


J's Kitchen's Food/Supply Procurement Operation is managed onsite for convenience. Members may take advantage of the management's relationships with local distributors, purchasing food and supplies at wholesale prices. Our team ensures members' items are delivered and placed in their personal dry/cold/freezer storage units.

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